Community Outreach Partners


Cambridge Alumni in Business endorses Vverkh, the Centre for equality of opportunity, and its initiative “Trudostroistvo”, which helps young adults leaving children’s homes to find work. We encourage our members and friends to sponsor an orphan through this programme, which aims to give leavers the necessary communication skills and professional development required to succeed at the workplace, and to help them in their search for employment.

The sponsor plays an important role in shaping the future development and work ethic of leavers. By supplying a work placement, a sponsor is helping the leaver understand the benefits of education and rewarding stable employment, as well as playing a key role in helping a disadvantaged leaver to realise his or her potential.

A representative from Vverkh will give a short presentation about the initiative at our Ruben Vardanyan speaker event about social entrepreneurship on Wednesday 29th October. For more information, email