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Executive Committee 2015-2016

We’re glad to announce the publication of our constitution and the appointment of the following people to the executive committee for the next twelve months:

Kate Filunets
EMBA – 2015 (Hughes Hall College)
Biography: I have over 7 years of professional experience in various business functions (specifically corporate finance and marketing) and industries. My career path has taken me from a food & beverages company to real estate development and back to a large multi-national FMCG.
Aims for my tenure on the committee:  My aim is to maintain an intergenerational connection with those that have graduated
from Cambridge Judge Business School and with those that are just beginning by arranging a wide range of social gathering events both professionally enlightening and fun.
Rina Kurtukova
MPhil –  International Relations and Politics – 2014; MEng 2013 (Pembroke)
Biography: Currently working at Rosneft.
Aims for my tenure on the committee: To increase the frequency and scale of the group’s social events.

Sergey Beskhlebnov
MBA – 2013 (Darwin)
Biography: 6+ years of finance and strategy experience with IBM, Ernst&Young and Schneider Electric. Currently serves as Investment Manager at Rosnano and works on startup searching, due diligence and deal structuring in nanotechnology industry
Aims for my tenure on the committee: Increase awareness of Cambridge club in Russia and increase interaction of Cambridge alums by helping organizing events and bringing interesting guests. Particularly will try to bring some prominent people from startup & technology industry