• Constitution
    • Preamble
    • Legal status, Seat
    • Goals
    • Membership
    • Advisory Board
    • Executive Committee
    • Annual General Meeting
    • Extraordinary Meetings
    • Dissolution
  • Operating Guidelines
    • Working language
    • Sponsorships
    • Joint events
    • Data privacy
    • Annual General Meeting and elections
    • Executive Committee nomination, election and resignation process
    • Executive Committee meeting quorum
    • Executive Committee meeting agenda
    • Communication with members
    • Events
    • Procedure for Nominating Speakers, Events and Venues
    • Amendments to Governing Documents
    • Publicity for external events and programmes



Cambridge Alumni in Business (Russia) (the “Society”) is an alumni society of the University of Cambridge (“University”) jointly founded by alumni of the Cambridge Judge Business School (“CJBS”) and the non-CJBS alumni of the University.

This document (“Constitution”), together with Annex 1 (“Operating Guidelines”), comprise the “Governing Documents” of the Society.

Legal status, Seat

The Society is unincorporated and has its permanent seat in Cambridge, UK, ℅ CJBS Alumni Relations Office, Trumpington Street, Cambridge CB2 1AG, United Kingdom. Attn: Claire Hopkins , Alumni Relations Coordinator.


The Society’s goals are:

  • To enhance alumni networking opportunities
  • To support the University’s mission, core values, and specific initiatives in the Russian Federation
    • University’s mission: “… to contribute to society through the pursuit of education, learning, and research at the highest international levels of excellence.”
    • University’s core values:
      • freedom of thought and expression
      • freedom from discrimination
  • To promote the University and CJBS brand in the Russian Federation


Ordinary Membership in the Society is open to any Member of the University who is normally resident in the Russian Federation. A Member of the University is a person who has been awarded a degree by the University.

Honorary Membership may be granted by the Executive Committee to non-Members who perform an ongoing consultative role in the Society’s governance.

Advisory Board

In order to facilitate its continuity, the Society shall appoint a permanent Advisory Board. Such members shall be granted Honorary Membership in the Society.

The initial membership of the Advisory Board shall be:

Ms Claire Hopkins (CJBS Alumni Relations Coordinator)

Ms Claire Baxter (University Alumni Relations Co-ordinator – Networks)

Professor Neil Kent (Cambridge University Russian Society)

Mr Peter Prabhu (co-founder of the Society and CJBS alumnus)

Mr William Bland (co-founder of the Society and University alumnus)

University, CJBS Alumni Relations, [Slavonic Studies Department], CURS Advisory Board membership shall be granted to the current occupants of such positions.

Executive Committee

An Executive Committee shall be established drawn from amongst the Ordinary Membership.

The Executive Committee shall be the principal body responsible for running the Society, including such matters as:

  • Establishing an annual events calendar
  • Organising events and sponsorships
  • Communicating with members
  • Communicating with CJBS and University alumni relations teams
  • Representing the Society externally
  • Reporting to the Membership at the Annual General Meeting

Executive Committee members shall be elected by Ordinary Members at the Annual General Meeting.

Any Ordinary Member who has not otherwise been disqualified for Executive Committee membership may stand for election.

The Executive Committee shall have a minimum of 2 members and a maximum of 5 members. At least 1 member each shall be drawn from amongst CJBS and University alumni.

Should more than 5 Members stand for election to the Executive Committee, those 5 Members receiving the most votes shall be elected to the Executive Committee (subject to the requirement for both CJBS and non-CJBS representation).

Executive Committee members shall serve for a 1-year term, and may stand for a consecutive 1-year term.

All members of the Executive Committee serve without any special designation, as “Member, Executive Committee”.

The Executive Committee is responsible for maintaining the continuity of the Society including holding a minimum of 2 alumni events during its 1-year term (excluding the Annual General Meeting).

The Executive Committee shall normally meet monthly and at least once each quarter. Each Executive Committee member shall be expected to attend each meeting (in person or via conference call).

Executive Committee members may be removed from their positions for cause, including:

  • Failure to attend more than 1 Executive Committee meeting during his/her term
  • Failure to adhere to the Governing Documents or report known violations by the Executive Committee or its individual members of the Governing Documents
  • Criminal misconduct

Further guidance to the Executive Committee on specific matters is detailed in Annex 1 (“Operating Guidelines”).

Annual General Meeting

The Society shall hold an Annual General Meeting at least once a year, normally in June or July, during which the outgoing Executive Committee will present its annual report and candidates will present themselves for election to the forthcoming year’s Executive Committee.

Notice of the Annual General Meeting shall be sent to all Russia-registered alumni by the central University and CJBS alumni relations offices.

The Society’s annual term shall run from the beginning of October until the end of September.

Extraordinary Meetings

The Society may hold an Extraordinary Meeting in order to consider significant matters related to its ongoing viability and existence, for instance in the event of the resignation of one or more members of the Executive Committee where no successors have been nominated.

An Extraordinary Meeting may be convened by the Executive Committee or the Advisory Board.


The dissolution of the Society shall only be permitted by a joint decision of the CJBS and University alumni relations officers.

Annex 1

Operating Guidelines

Working language

The working language of the Society and the events we organise is English. We encourage guest speakers to address our Society in English except in cases where such speakers are not fluent in English. Facility with English is one of the criteria for adding speakers to our Approved Speakers list.


We encourage sponsorships for specific events. They can be in-kind (e.g. free venues, refreshments) or in cash. We prefer not to handle cash, as this introduces accountability issues.

We will not accept sponsorships from State or State-owned bodies, other than those from the United Kingdom.

Sponsors may be recognised in person at the events they sponsor, via event writeups on our website and social media groups, and by written acknowledgement.

Joint events

The Society’s aims are to promote the University and CJBS in the Russian Federation, and we normally organise Distinguished Speaker, Panel Discussion, and Fireside Chat events on our own.

Certain networking and social events are typically held jointly with other alumni groups, in particular the annual Boat Race event with Oxford University alumni.

It is also part of our mandate to engage with leading Russian universities in order to promote the graduate and executive education programmes of the University and CJBS. Joint speaker and networking events with Russian alumni groups are consistent with the Society’s aims.

Any joint events with UK-based business school alumni groups will be limited to networking-only, without any keynote speaker or substantive programme. The CJBS name and logo shall not appear jointly with any other UK-based institution in any public announcements.

Data privacy

The Society shall protect the privacy of its members’ data. Such data shall not be shared with outside parties. In particular, should events be organised jointly with other alumni societies, the Society shall not be permitted to share our membership records such as names, emails or any other personal identifying data.

Members’ private data shall also be protected within the Society. For instance, should a member wish to contact another member via the Society, the Society shall only share a member’s private data with his/her permission.

Annual General Meeting and elections

The Annual General Meeting shall generally be held in Moscow, with a provision for attendance by Ordinary and Advisory Board members via conference call.

A quorum for the Annual General Meeting shall consist of at least 5 Ordinary Members attending in person.

At the Annual General Meeting, the outgoing Executive Committee will present a written Annual Report summarising the Society’s activities during the year and its current status, including:

  • Events and event attendance
  • Membership
  • Finances and sponsorships
  • Relations with CJBS and University alumni relations teams
  • Attendance at executive committee meetings

The Annual Report shall be made available to all Ordinary Members.

Executive Committee nomination, election and resignation process

Nominations for the forthcoming Executive Committee shall generally occur during the annual Boat Race event.

Any Ordinary Member wishing to stand for election to the Executive Committee should indicate their interest to the Executive Committee at the Boat Race event in April, and confirm it in writing by submitting a Platform Statement to the Executive Committee prior to the end of May.

The Platform Statement shall contain the candidate’s brief biography, degree course and college, prior association with CJBS or University alumni activities, and a general summary of the candidate’s proposed contribution to the Society.

Each candidate must then be seconded by a member of the Executive Committee prior to being permitted to stand for election at the Annual General Meeting.

A compilation of the candidates’ Platform Statements shall be circulated by email to all Ordinary Members at least one week prior to the Annual General Meeting.

Ballots for election to the Executive Committee shall be prepared in advance and distributed electronically to Ordinary Members not normally residing in Moscow. Ordinary Members not normally resident in Moscow may submit their ballots by email. Proxy votes shall not be allowed.

Ballots shall be counted and verified independently by two Ordinary Members who are not standing for election.

The five candidates receiving the most votes shall be proposed as the incoming Executive Committee. Should there be a tie for fifth place, a re-vote shall immediately take place. Should such re-vote not produce a definitive result, the Advisory Board shall determine the final candidate for the Executive Committee.

The names of the proposed Executive Committee shall be submitted to the Advisory Board for final confirmation. Any member of the Advisory Board may veto the final appointment of any Executive Committee member.

Should a member of the Executive Committee resign, such member shall undertake his or her best efforts to recommend a replacement. Such replacement shall be voted on by the remaining members of the Executive Committee and be subject to the veto of the Advisory Board.

Executive Committee meeting quorum

A quorum for monthly Executive Committee meetings shall consist of at least 2 Executive Committee members (including any Executive Committee members attending via conference call).

Executive Committee meeting agenda

The Executive Committee shall endeavour to meet monthly. The following is a suggested protocol for Monthly Executive Committee Meetings:

  • Nominate a Secretary for the meeting, who will be responsible for taking the minutes
  • Approve the minutes of the prior meeting
  • Conduct roll call / meeting attendance
  • Review of past events
  • Review planning progress for future events
  • Addition or removal of approved speakers
  • Review of Society’s general presentation
  • Review of website
  • Review of membership records
  • Any other business
  • Agree on next monthly meeting date and time

Ordinary Members may request to address the Executive Committee at any of their monthly meetings, subject to advance notice and notification of the reason.

Communication with members

The Society’s website at is an essential communications platform and is to be updated regularly with details of upcoming events and writeups of all substantive events which have taken place.

The Advisory Board shall be responsible for maintaining the domain registration of and arranging for hosting of the website.


One of the core goals of the Society is to arrange events of interest to our membership. We have an established annual calendar of recurring events which consists of:

  • New Year reception (January)
  • Varsity Boat Race party (April)
  • “Going Up” reception (September)
  • CJBS Celebrates (September)

In addition to these recurring events, the Executive Committee is expected to organise at least one Distinguished Speaker or Panel Discussion event each year.

A member of the Executive Committee must be in attendance at each substantive event of the Society.

The Executive Committee shall specifically assign responsibility for taking photographs and writing up a summary of each event for posting on the website.

Procedure for Nominating Speakers, Events and Venues

One of the core functions of the Society is to hold speaker events.

The Society maintains a list of Approved Venues and a list of Approved Speakers for future events, who are potentially invited to address the Society under the Distinguished Speaker, Panel Discussion or Fireside Chat formats.

Distinguished Speakers are eminent persons who have achieved distinction in their field and would attract the broad popular appeal of the majority our membership, in the opinion of the Executive Committee. They can be business leaders, academics, artists, authors, sportsmen, politicians, diplomats, etc. Distinguished Speakers would normally be recognised beyond Russia.

Eminent persons with a more narrow appeal can be considered for Fireside Chat or Panel Discussion formats.

The Executive Committee shall regularly discuss candidates for the Approved Speaker and Approved Venue list and vote on their addition or removal at each monthly meeting. The Advisory Board may veto any speaker or venue proposed for either list.

No communication shall be made with any proposed speaker prior to being placed on the Approved Speakers list.

Approved Speakers shall be approached in writing, stating the Society’s interest and extending a formal invitation. It is very important to ensure each Approved Speaker has an understanding of the size of audience the Society could provide.

Amendments to Governing Documents

Amendments to the Governing Documents shall be considered at each Annual General Meeting and must be proposed in writing at least 1 month in advance of the Annual General Meeting by an Ordinary or Advisory Board Member.

Amendments to the Governing Documents shall be circulated to all Ordinary Members in writing prior to the Annual General Meeting.

Amendments to the Governing Documents must receive the approval of at least two-thirds of the members attending the Annual General Meeting. Ordinary Members not normally resident in Moscow may submit their votes by email. Proxy votes shall not be allowed.

Publicity for external events and programmes

Where the Society becomes aware of events or programmes organised by others which may be of interest to a significant proportion of our members, such events may be publicised on the website’s events calendar or posted to our social media groups. Such events shall not be the sole topic of any direct emails sent to our members.